Monday, 29 December 2008


So, the First of December, Chris and I got up at 4.30 to get him to the station for a 5.50 train, and we went outside and there's snow on the ground!! :) After seeing him off, I headed to the 24hr computing lab at uni to finish of my Psychology report, before a 2 o'clock hand in (bit last minute, I know! lol) Then straight away that afternoon I had to start on my Ancient History essay which was due on Friday! See now why I've had no time for blogging?!?!

My Cubs on Monday night were making puppets for the show we were planning for the following week, and on Wednesday, I went over to Kirstin's to write Christmas cards and watch a DVD. After my essay hand-in on Friday, I did some Christmas shopping, which was great fun :) I went to the German market and bought myself a traditional pretzel to have with some soup for my dinner, and I managed to get three presents as well :)

On Saturday I went up to Bonaly Scout centre, on the bus, all on my own, to go to Cub camp, because I was in charge of three whole activities! In the morning we made Chinese lanterns, and in the afternoon we made African drums out of plastic cups and greaseproof paper and elastic bands :) and the third one was just a game to move sweeties around using chopsticks, which some kids struggled with but they all loved :)

On Sunday morning I was back home for church in the morning, then in the afternoon I did a shift at Corstorphine hospital, before heading back to the flat to start revision for my exams!!

I had no classes from Monday 8th onwards, so I spent pretty much all of my time revising, apart from going to cubs on Monday night, and doing a shift on Tuesday and another on Wednesday, right up until my first exam on Friday, which was Classical Art. That went ok, although maybe not as well as I had hoped it might.

On Saturday morning, I had to go bag packing at M&S with the Cubs and Scouts, but only for two hours, and afterwards I managed to finish off pretty much all my Christmas shopping. In the evening Kirstin and I made another trip to the cinema, this time to see the film Inkheart, which was really really good :) Sunday was church as usual, and I spent the afternoon at home revising the calculations for the statistics section of my Psychology exam. In the evening, Mum and I went with Dad to the Nine Lessons and Carols service at Abercorn, one of the churches in the parish where his final placement is, and I got to sing almost all of my favourite carols, AND Dad dragged me into doing his reading at the last minute - the one about the shepherds. It was a nice little church and a nice service, and we got mulled wine and mince pies, and I got to practise my carol singing before going to Chris's the week after.

Monday 15th was our last night at Cubs so we played the chocolate game and we had chips, which is a treat for me because I so rarely eat them! Literally all of the rest of my time that week I spent studying for my other two exams. Ancient history was alright, although like Classical Art, could have gone a bit better, and Psychology was really good. Well, you know, as good as exams could ever be! My classmate Eddy and I swapped Christmas presents as well - I'd got him one of those heads made out of saw dust and grass seed in a stocking-ball, which grow grass as hair when you water them. He thought it was brilliant, and promised to grow it and trim its hair to look like his own :) He'd got me a woolly hat (so I'd stop stealing his) and a pair of pink Minnie mouse slipper socks.

That evening at the flat, Megan came over, and she, Marsailidh and I had pizza and nachos and we watched a DVD :) after that I had to pack all my stuff ready to go away because I was getting the train the next morning to go and stay with Chris for Christmas!!

I feel this story would fit better in a post of its own, so although I said two posts, I think I shall write a third as well, although it will have to wait because my train is nearly into Edinburgh, and I have a lot to say!

Speak soon! Katie

Gang Show

Dear friends,

I'm sitting on the train, eating a gammon sandwich, and feeling lonely, so I thought I would take this opportunity to update you on what I've been doing for the last two months. As you may guess from my lack of posting, I've been really really busy, so I'm going to split it into two different posts for you, in case you need an interval!

The Gang Show was actually on in the Kings Theatre in Edinburgh! It ran from Tuesday 18th to Saturday 22nd, including a matinee performance at the weekend! Fortunately I had no assignments due that particular week, so I was able to join the rest of the Senior Gang in some socialising after the shows on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday, and also attend the Champagne breakfast on Thursday morning. We got a 4-star review in the paper (the highest ever given to an amateur such as our own) which was very exciting for all of us, and I really had a brilliant week. Chris came up on the train on Friday night and stayed over because we had arranged to meet a friend of ours, George, on Saturday morning for brunch and to talk over an expedition the two of them are planning to Gambia next Christmas time. Unfortunately he couldn't stay long enough to see the show, as he had to leave at lunchtime to go to a First Aid training course that evening. After the After-Party on Saturday night, I slept pretty much all day, getting up just for a few hours to do some work on my Classical Art Essay.

The next week was fairly quiet. I had my essay due in on Tuesday 25th, and I saw Kirstin on Wednesday evening. On Thursday night I had to go to choir practise for church on Sunday morning, and I spent most of my free time working on my final Psychology report for the term. Chris arrived late on Friday evening to stay for the weekend so that was really good.

In the flat on Friday night we had a gathering to celebrate St Andrew's Day, although it was 2 days early, but we know that no one comes to parties on a Sunday night! On Saturday, I pretty much finished off my report, while Chris did some uni work as well. On Saturday night, we had a Murder Mystery party which was brilliant fun. We dressed up and all sorts :)

On Sunday morning Chris and I got up super early to get the bus across town to go to another choir practise before Church. It was the first Sunday in advent, so the choir were singing an anthem, which they don't normally do. That afternoon we fell asleep on my parents' sofa watching Shrek, and we had some dinner and then went back to the flat so that Chris could pack for going home on Monday morning.

That's all for November, see the next post for my December antics so far!