Thursday, 25 September 2008

First Week Back

Well I've finished all my classes for this week :) I have a really nice time table. Although I did just get a tutorial allocated for 10 o'clock on Monday morning, which is going to make coming home from Chris's rather unpleasant. But it is also only every 2 weeks so if I'm careful then I should be able to book to go down all the "right" weekends. I'm going down next weekend though, and that is, I think, a "wrong" weekend, so i need to go to the station and change my train time.

Classes have all been pretty good. Psychology is interesting so far, as is Classical Art - I've had three lectures of each now. Ancient History only had one lecture this week (normally they have two and a tutorial) and it was really boring. We had to watch a video of an interview of an historian, and the sound on it was really bad so it was hard to follow the conversation, and also it didn't really seem to be that relevant. We had a list of questions to consider in relation to the video but it was so difficult to hear what was being said that I have no idea what the answers to the questions may have actually been in this guy's opinion. But never mind.

My social life has been great this week :) on Monday night, after cubs, I joined my flatmates and Guy at the Tron for the end of their pub quiz and a drink or two. We did really rubbish in the quiz, but we beat the staff team so we were happy enough.

On Tuesday night, Marsailidh and I went to the BLOGS welcome social (its the Edinburgh Uni Society for Lesbians, Gays etc) - not because we are in any way gay, but because we have friends who are and we knew it would be good fun - and indeed it was. We played some silly games in the Student Union, to get to know everyone a bit, and a lady from the Advice Place (the uni's counselling and advice centre) came and gave a talk on safe sex and handed out free condoms (which Marsailidh and I then proceeded to blow up and play balloon volley ball with...) Afterwards we went to a bar in town for a while, and lots of people went on to the club next door (called Vibe, it's awesome fun! I've been before) but Marsailidh and I went home instead because we were tired and had classes on Wednesday morning.

Tonight we are going to the Edinburgh University Snow Sports Club (EUSSC) welcome social, and that should be awesome fun too!!

love and hugs,

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Back to Uni

Term starts tomorrow and I'm really excited :) I haven't seen some of my classmates since we went on study leave back in April so it'll be good to catch up with them.

I went into the Psychology department on Thursday morning to sign up for my main course and my outside subjects, expecting it to be a five minute job before I could head to the computing lab and the internet, however it seems I was out of luck that morning. When it got to my turn, the secretary looked me up on her computer and explained she that because I changed my degree from Classical Studies last year to Psychology this year, I had to be assigned a new Director of Studies who would oversee my Psychology degree, and this had not yet happened. In order to "get" a DoS I had to go and find the new office of the School of Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics, which was in the not-fully-finished new building nearby. Having calmed the fiery beast who was receptionist of this new building, by signing in by my full name and the exact time, I found my way to the lift and then to the correct room on the correct floor, and I introduced myself to David who quickly had my switched to a DoS of the correct subject, and sent him an email, just to let him know the situation. Then he sent me back down to the secretary in the other building where I would then be able to sign up for my courses.

So back I went and I got signed up on my Psychology course, then the secretary attempted to find the two Classics courses which followed on from what I did last year. We did find the two courses but it appeared from the information that they only lasted for the first semester, and there were no recommended follow-on courses listed in their information. So I signed up for them anyway, then headed out to a different building, and up 5 flights of stairs to the Classics office to find out what the story is. The Course Secretary there explained to me that in term 1, they run Classical Literature in Translation 2a, Ancient History 2a and Classical Art and Architecture 2a, for second year students, and in term 2 they run Classical World 2b: Classical Myth and Religion, and Classical Word 2d: Art, History and Power (she didn't mention a third choice...) which all sounded quite complex to me. I went to the library to read up on the different courses and in the end chose the subjects with morning classes, so that I'll be free every afternoon bar one, when I'll have to do labs for Psychology.

So having gone in at half past 10 for a five minute job, I was all finished and signed up (and a lot better exercised) by quarter to 12! Despite my troubles, I'm glad I got it done, and I'm very pleased with my timetable, as my weekend starts at Thursday lunchtime!! That is good news, of course, because it means I'll be able to visit Chris for that little bit longer. Speaking of which, I haven't yet told you properly about all the excitement of last weekend, but that shall no doubt come in due course, so watch this space.

Also a heads up to my dad's blog My parent's had their 30th wedding anniversary yesterday, and there's a nice picture of them in his celebratory update, along with some chat about the church he's working at over the next 15 months.

Thanks for reading all the way to the end :)

Friday, 12 September 2008

I got a ring!!!!! :D

I arrived this weekend at Chris' and there was a ring waiting on the pillow for me :D