Saturday, 1 September 2012

Weekly Nail #5 - Pink, Purple and Peach

This weeks nails lasted like half a day. I used a really old polish for the purple, which just did not want to stay attached to my fingernails! Ach well.

Work's been pretty stressful the last week or so - we have a big event on next week an most thing about it are my responsibility! Work stress inevitably leads to me picking at my nail varnish and generally just loosing my positive mental attitude, so I'm very glad it's the weekend and I'm looking forward to being on holiday as of next Friday. I'm not leaving the country or anything, I'm just really looking forward to having nearly two whole weeks of to chill and celebrate some birthdays with friends and make some awesome cakes and see a lot of my parents. And hopefully I'll find a minute or two to clean my house and do some blogging too! I've bought some awesome new things recently which I'm looking forward to showing you. I've also being using some new products which to review and recommend.

Love and hugs