Saturday, 24 July 2010

Things Are Changing

Hi everyone!

It's been about 6 months since I posted before which is an awfully long time really!! I don't really have an excuse so much as I just felt I didn't have anything worth telling anyone.

Anyway, my family circumstances are about to change more than they ever have before! My parents are moving to the north coast of Scotland because Dad has a job up there. My younger brother is just starting university and will be moving into university accommodation, and I will be leaving my flat in the centre of town and moving back out to the sticks... um I mean the suburbs... to my parents' current house, to live there with my older brother and to look after it, and the house, until the house sells.

On the plus side, I will have more space, and more money. On the downside I'll be a long way away from the university campus, and the night life in the city.

Although I've lived in student flats for 2 years, the concept of "keeping house" is not something that has ever applied to me. Student flats are conducive to subsistence living, where groceries are only bought when you are starving, dishes only washed when there are no clean ones to eat off, and the place is only tidy when the landlord is coming to inspect. It's going to be quite different moving back home where the place has to be tidy all the time (or at least twice a week) for viewings, and my brother and I will be living as a household, rather than as ships passing in the night.

This blog, I am hoping, will be somewhere I can share recipes and useful house-keeping tips with my grown-up friends from the internet, and also somewhere to share news with my parents - although I will probably speak to them every day and see them quite often.

I can't remember exactly where I left all my avid readers (ha ha jk) in terms of my news, but I am no longer engaged, I passed all my third year exams, and I'm getting close to the stage where I might be able to sit my driving test.

More updates soon on the dramas of moving back to the house (Tuesday) and dealing with the landlady's hospital-worthy cleaning list (Thursday or Friday).

I love you all very much :D