Monday, 6 February 2012

Awesome Nail Art

This one took ages, hope you like it!

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Friday, 3 February 2012

Not Very Resolute

I imagine a number of you will recall that I set myself a whole bundle of new years resolutions this year, which I am sorry to say, are already going terribly! Whilst I can aportion some blame to external causes, really the fault lies with me. For example, I didn't start running this month because I was ill for quite a lot of the time, and because the weather has been pretty horrible for running in. But I also didn't start running this month because I don't care very much about being thin. I want to care, of course, but actually, I'm comfortable with the way I look, most of the time, and I don't really enjoy exercise very much - I'm not very good at it to be perfectly honest.
Second on the resolutions list for January was to write a list of all of my friends' birthdays and put suggestions for things that I might buy them, however, I haven't done that I guess due to the lack of computer access that I've had - there's been nowhere much to save the file! But then, I also haven't bothered because my friends all tend to mention their birthdays far enough in advance that I can buy presents quite happily, but the pure fact of the matter is that I don't get birthday presents for most of my friends - and they don't get them for me either.

Finally we come to February's resolution, which was to have the kitchen tidy before going to bed every night. well, it's only a few days into the month and I haven't cleaned it at all. But this is because during January I came to the decision that I cannot stand to be the one who always clears up - I totally resent it, and it totally annoys me, and to be honest, I imagine it will only teach my brothers bad habits. So I will endeavour to clean my own dishes, but not theirs - or at least, only doing theirs if I've done all mine and there is still capacity in the water/drying rack. I'm nobody's house elf!

In other news, this entry has been posted from my brand new computer! I've got myself and Acer Aspire, that has a whole terrabyte of hard drive. Which just sounds massive, considering that the first I remember of these things, 512 megabytes was a larger option for a hard drive. Astonishing really what we can achieve these days. Unfortunately, blogging from my computer makes it much harder to include photos. I haven't really touched my camera for a while and I've not yet got as far as loading anything from my phone on to my computer - a task for another day! I'm also hoping to be able to retrieve all the data from my old hard drive as well - thousands of photos, and the most up to date version of my novel were both saved on that computer and not properly backed up!

I hope you're all well, and I'm planning that you all get to hear from me a lot more frequently now that I'm back on a bigger screen!

Love and hugs