Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Back-to-School Time

Hi y'all, long time no see!

Sorry I haven't posted, I've spent the last couple of months swinging wildly between periods of intense activity and periods of intense laziness.
I went on holiday for three weeks in the summer, and should really tell you about that, but at the moment I'm making a scrapbook of it. When I upload it to print, I will post a link, and maybe I'll post a couple of previews before then.

Since I got back I've moved into a new flat, with the same flatmates plus the addition of Megan. We haven't got internet sorted out in the flat yet, although it is now in the pipeline, which is my main excuse for not updating you all, although not a very good one.

Yesterday was the start of the university term this year. I only had a one hour introductory lecture in the afternoon, so it wasn't a very taxing day! We got handbooks and registration forms and literature review lists and forms, and the lecturer read through the handbook with us, which wasn't really necessary!

Each semester I do three specialist topic modules (which are set for everyone), and a methodology module. In semester 1 I also do a 5000-word literature review, and in the second semester we all have to do group projects and hand in a 3000-word report.

The choices for the literature review don't really relate well to clinical psychology, which is unfortunate. However, there is one on the treatment of movement and pain disorders which is relevant, and two on dementia, and one on "the talking cure" all of which are also relevant. We have to choose 6 options, so my other two were just random ones that seemed interesting. We won't get told which option we've got until Monday, but I've already started doing some reading on pain and movement therapies, because I'm really enthusiastic about working at the moment (don't know how long it'll last though!)

Aside from that I haven't been up to much interesting.
I fell over yesterday and bruised my sacrum, which is still really uncomfortable, and quite painful when moving between standing and sitting positions, and when I stay still for too long. I thought for a bit it might be broken but I don't want to go to the hospital in case they put me on bed rest for two weeks or something - I need to go to all my lectures and stuff this year if I have any chance of getting a First! Besides, the pain is easing off so it can't be too serious.

Hope you are all well, and hopefully now I'm back online more regularly and doing things at uni I'll have more time to post and more things to post about.

Hugs and kisses