Wednesday, 4 March 2009


I decided this weekend that I was going to go back to being a vegetarian most of the time. Why? Beans and pulses are cheaper than meat! I'm not of course going to be a real vegetarian - if a meat option is as cheap as/better value than the vegetarian option then I'll be right in there!.
To be honest, I was being mostly vegetarian before, just not in too healthy a way - I mostly ate bread and pasta, with dairy and eggs for protein.

But I was at home this weekend and looking through some recipe magazines that mum had, and there were some really nice-looking things in the vegetarian one, and they were all so much cheaper than the meat recipes in the other ones. Some of them are even "super foods" with more vitamins and minerals than I can count on one hand!! It's lower in fat, especially saturated fat (although dairy stuff isn't) and can still have plenty of protein.

So my menu this week? Home made tuna patties (tuna is cheap! and its fish, so its fine), sweet potato and red lentil soup, felafels, a Frankensteins burger (on Free Food Tuesday) and steak, courtesy of my mum, at the weekend.

Love it :)

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Beth said...

Sounds yummy! I do eat meat but lean towards being a bad-vegetarian like you used to be.

Lots of breads and peanutbutter! Not very healthy.

Your menu sounds delish!