Monday, 1 June 2009

We've got a Flat

Flat one was very nice. We found it in February, at a viewing one evening. The letting agent said that whoever was first to the office in the morning would get the flat, so we figured we'd go down at 7, because they opened at 8. Unfortunately, one group was waiting from 6.

Flat two was also very nice. The letting company seemed keen to have good references for us and stuff, so we filled in all the forms and got all the bits of paper and took them down, only to discover that yet again, another group had got there first.

Flat three we actually managed to put down a deposit for! It was in Rankeillor Street, and it was a private let. But about a week after we paid up, we spoke to the land lady, only to discover that she'd managed to sell it unexpectedly, so our deposit was returned.

This is flat number four!This first floor corner flat is perfect. It has a large kitchen, 5 bedrooms (2 smaller ones pay less rent), 2 bathrooms, a box room and a piano! We paid the deposit and signed the lease last night, and we are just SO excited about moving in.
The flat goes from the bay window to the far left, above the traffic lights, along and around the corner, above the JFK hairdresser to the window above the door to the stair with the blue To Let sign.
We absolutely love it!

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