Friday, 17 July 2009

My Birthday & Holidays

I know I'm a really irregular blogger anyway, I just thought I would let you all know that I'm going away on holiday for a while! However, you'll all be delight when I return because I will have lots of things to say and lots of pictures to show you.

The more exciting part of this post is below:

I made a scrapbook page of my birthday barbeque. My actual birthday was like 2 weeks ago, and we had the BBQ on Sunday afternoon. Fortunately the weather stayed good and dry, although there was patchy cloud sometimes.

The journalling is a little hard to read so here it is:

I had a barbeque for my birthday, in my parents garden. A whole bunch of people came - it was really good fun! Chris had come up for the weekend and some of my friends from school came - Martin and Kirsty and Marsailidh. Rosie was there too, and Rachel, Michael and Brenda from church.
A friend of Chris’s who was on a road trip came with his friends Scott and Dave and they were really cool. Dan himself is a singer - that’s how he knows Chris, so I had a very harmonious rendition of Happy Birthday this year! I was a little bit worried that things would be difficult because of my lack of concrete planning but everything went just fine.
We had burgers and sausages and kebabs on the barbeque, fruit salad, strawberry tarts and chocolate birthday cake with 20 pink and white candles.

Products used were made by the designers at See the page slightly bigger here:

Have a look at some of my other stuff too :)

Have a nice time while I'm away!

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Miss Kirsty said...

i just had a nosy at your scrapbooking stuff on there. its really cool! although i notice a lot of the photos arent on facebook :P but im sure there's a good reason!

thank you for putting my face from the tron out there! :D

i may have to steal your leek and potato soup recipe.