Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Visitor Map

Hey guys! This is a map of where all my recent visitors are from - pretty cool huh?
I was thinking it would be really cool to know who was who and stuff, so next time you have a read, leave me a comment with your name/dsp user name, and where you live, and i'll see how many of you I can match up! The counter tells me your ip address, your isp, your browser and your screen resolution, so if you wanna tell me those things as well, I'll be sure of getting people right.

Obviously I get the whole privacy thing and will attempt to set the comments private. Will let you know when that's done so you can feel safe posting your info if you want. *EDIT* ok comment monitoring is on, so if you send one with personal info I will make sure no one else sees it.*end EDIT*

BTW, Dad, I already have you. Not sure if Mum has the same IP address as you or not... But I think I have her at work, cos her company came up as an ISP.

tg13, there was one from iceland was directed from a comment on your blog so i'm guessing that was you!

But I don't know anyone else :)


The Goins said...

Hey, Katie. RosieG here from DSP.

The Goins said...

Hey, Katie. Rosiego from DSP in Lancaster, SC.

Stewart Goudie said...

Yes, from home Mum and I have the same IP address.
But frankly I think you are wasting your time. Hardly anyone ever comments on my Blog - but maybe that's because they think mine is so boring!

Kay said...

..I love your blog ! Thanks for the great tut on selective recolouring ..you are such a clever chook ! You can put a little flag in South Africa (Eastern Cape) for me..then at least there won't be a huge gap between W.Aus and South America !! I'll be the piggy in the middle ! Look after yourself sweet girl XXX