Friday, 23 September 2011

Budding Interior Designer?

I had some time to kill on Friday morning so I spent about 45 minutes wandering around John Lewis, which is rapidly becoming my favourite thing to do. All the stuff in there, is gorgeous. And it's not like going to Harvey Nichols or anything, I figure one day I would probably be able to afford a new duvet set, a rug, a pair of curtains, cushions, photoframes, massive black and white photographs of models and actors and maybe even a sofa.

You see the thing is, and some of you will already know this, but I'm moving house soon. I've lived in this house we're in now for my whole entire life apart from two years while I was studying where I lived over in Newington, but those days are past now, and in the past they shall remain. Because ladies and gentlemen, dear reader, I'm moving up in the world. Literally, our flat is on the top floor. It's high. There are lots of stairs. It's also in Bruntsfield, which is just cooler than Newington in every way.

Perhaps when I have moved I shall show you some of the reasons why, but today's post is on interior design. Now, I'm pretty sure John Lewis would not be my friend if I went around taking photos of all of their stuff on my crappy camera phone, so I have done my best to find the things on their website - yay for professional quality photos!

Now the first things that caught my eye were some gorgeous patterned Persian rugs - really big ones because the new rooms are really big. But they were like more than £1000 and I'm not made of money. And what I really fancy is something with an incredibly thick pile that you can wriggle your toes into, because there's a fair chance of me ending up in a room with a hard wood floor, and if I only have a tiny bit of carpet, then it has to be the best carpet EVAR.

John Lewis Derry Rug, Dia.150cm, Lacquer
Dear reader, this rug truly fits that description. It comes in a lovely red wine colour, or taupe if you prefer neutrals. It's circular, although there's also a rectangular version which didn't float my boat so much. That pile must be, what, 2 inches thick? It's incredible. I want to marry this rug.

But then my loyalties were torn. I wandered up to the lighting department and found this bad boy.

John Lewis Jolie Table Lamp, Yellow
Now, not only does it come in yellow, which is the best shade (no pun intended) for a light, in my humble opinion, it also comes in bright pink, and bright green, which are the coolest. And some other less awesome colours, if you are a neutrals person (who are these neutrals people? Who wants a taupe rug and a beige lamp? You? WHY ARE YOU READING MY BLOG??? This is not a blog for any form of neutrality, lets be honest. I get too excited about things...) So I may be divorcing my rug, and marrying my lamp.

And then, having just yelled at all the neutrals people, I found an incredible sofa. Although it's huge, so I might just get the chair.

John Lewis Calanda Leather Chair, Chocolate
Yes it's brown, but it also came in cream. And this is chocolate, which I would hardly count as a neutral. Whatever, who cares what colour it is, look at those ARMS! They are the most gorgeous arms I've ever seen on a chair. My favourite way to sit in a comfy chair is not really to sit, but to curl up in a tiny ball, or stretch my legs way out over one side. None of the furniture we have at the moment makes this very comfortable - the arms are all too hard, and you have to find a cushion and it's just so much effort. Look at the arms on this baby. I tried it out in the shop. I didn't curl up but I did sit on it, and they are as soft and squashy and pillowy as anyone could ever wish. It's just a shame about the price tag. That'll be the one I'm saving up for.

Dear reader, if you ever felt like helping out a graduate in great lust of better furnishings, just let me know - I could set up a gift list...

Love and hugs

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