Wednesday, 21 September 2011

My Second "First Class"

Bet you weren't expecting to hear from me again so soon eh?

Well, regardless, I'm back, with a post inspired by another adult ballet blogger, Dave Tries Ballet who also wrote about his second "first class".

I took my first ballet class waaaay back in January, did two terms of Classical Ballet Beginners and then had a hiatus for a couple of months while my ballet school was closed for the summer holidays and then the Edinburgh Festival. And now term has started again and I have moved up a class - I'm now an Improver, and not a Beginner. Although I still feel extremely beginnery. My teacher and I both noticed that I wasn't being fully challenged by the beginner level class towards the end of the last term. By no means was I perfect, or even that good, but my extra term had put me enough above the level of a lot of the others that I felt a wee bit out of place.

So now I've moved up and the class is much more challenging. We only did pirouttes en dehors (I don't know who thought those up but I'd dearly LOVE to give them a piece of my mind). If you don't know what's so bad about them, check this post here for my thoughts on my first encounter with the things.

Apart from that the rest of the class was all things I felt able to do, although many things I'm not that great at. Apart from balancing. I can't balance on the ball of either foot. I can barely balance on the whole of one foot when in arabesque. Or on the balls of both feet. Or just, like ever. That's probably why pirouette are so hard - because I wobble like a wind sock in a storm.

But I did spend the whole time smiling to myself. I'm just that glad to be back.

The other thing that's different about improvers is the class "style". In beginners, everyone was all about hiding bums and legs with skirts and shorts and joggers. In improvers, it's all leotards with slouchy t-shirts and no skirts.

All very Flashdance.

I also really want a pair of thigh high legwarmers. Probably because most of the girls I've seen wearing them are really skinny.
You can get them for less than £5. I'm SO tempted!

Love and hugs


Adult Beginner said...

I want som thigh high leg warmers too! For pretty much the exact same reason! You should totally get them!

hiccup42 said...

My teacher always tells us not to wear legwarmers because of the time this girl got her toe caught in them coming down from passe, and then broke her knee and ruined here career. Pretty much no risk of that in these though, right?