Monday, 16 January 2012

Tape, Crackle and Pen

Still no sign of that new computer I'm afraid, but don't worry, you've not got rid of me that easily!

I had a quiet weekend due to a stinking cold, and I spent most of my time eating ice cream, knitting, and reading Harry Potter. Oh and last night I dropped an entire 2l carton of milk on the kitchen floor.

The coolest part of this weekend was definitely my nails. A couple of coats of No. 7 Me! Me! Me! Polish for the pink. Then I cut some strips of sticky tape, and placed them on, one nail at a time, then painted black Barry M Nail Effects over the top. The trick with this is to remove the tape before the crackle starts drying (easier said than done) so that flakes of it don't lift up too. I didn't do very well at that, so I used a silver Top Shop nail art pen in an attempt to neaten the edges. Unfortunately I'd never used the pen before so I didn't do a fabulous job, especially on the right hand. Also, I was too lazy for top coat, and then pen wears off pretty quick, so don't be like me!

Hope you like them anyway.

Love and hugs

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