Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Better Than I Thought

So you may remember that last year I wrote out my New Years Resolutions, with a different one for every month. You may also remember me talking about how determined I was to stick to them, and then already failing by February.
Well, I ignored my blog just about since then, because that's just how I roll, and I had a look back at it today and realised that I'm not actually doing so badly as you would have thought, given my lack of commitment or attention to the cause.
In January I wanted to start running. I didn't manage it in January but I started in April and I even ran in part of the Edinburgh Marathon at the end of May, as part of one of the relay teams (my team came 100 out of 701 so not too bad at all!)
The kitchen's clean a lot of the time now. Admitedly not at all right now, but I've had friends staying over and they love to make a mess and I've been so busy and not been home to clean up after them. Hopefully I'll get a little while tonight though.
I went on a date as well, and things seem to be going well in that direction. Not too much detail though, I'd probably better tell my mum these things in person before she reads them on my blog!
I didn't touch any photographs last month, which is a shame, but I have started to go through things and get rid of stuff I don't want. I don't like my messy room or having so much stuff I don't need, so I'm trying to make time to declutter and get everything tidy. Then it'll be easier to clean as well of course! But now I'm working full time and I have such a busy social schedule, it's been difficult to do too much so far.
July's resolution isn't due yet, but I've got Instagram for my phone now, which I really enjoy using, so I'm hoping that when it does come round then the photo resolution will be easy as pie!
As for my other resolutions for the year, I'm not sure how organised I'll really be for Christmas, and I don't think I'll be that interested in writing in November - I've got a few other ideas up my sleeve for projects and things to do, and I've so little free time anyway, I think I'm going to cut that one out and maybe do something different, or just concentrate on the others.

As a six month review, though, it seems as though I'm not doing too badly. I made resolutions based on some big changes that I really wanted to make in my life, especially about being more active and more organised, and those are things which I have actually made progress with. On the other hand, there's a couple in there which aren't really lifestyle changes, but rather projects that I want to address, and I'm just not going to have enough time for these things I don't think.

Love and hugs

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