Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Hiccup helps - A Cure for the Common Cold

Guys, I don't know if you have noticed, but it's July. Not surprised if you didn't realise though. If you are anywhere in the UK, like me, you are probably suffering from trench foot, and you've caught a nasty cold. Bleugh.

But fear not! Dear Reader, I bring you the remedy for the common cold.

Cast of characters - a chopping board, a sharp knife, a teaspoon, a lemon, hot water, sugar, and a mug that makes you happy.

Cut the lemon in half.

Squeeze the lemon halves into the mug. Don't worry too much about seed and stuff. Or use a sieve if it bothers you. Or a juicer thingy.

Add some sugar. No really. Lemon is bitter. Two teaspoon still leaves this very sharp (which is how I like mine), but go for four unless you're trying to cut it out. You could also try honey, but that's a lot more effort, and you might not have it on hand anyway.

Fill up the mug with hot water.

Sip slowly curled up in your pajamas with a blanket and a good book/awesome telly/favourite magazine.

Make sure you get an early night as well, and you'll likely feel right as rain in the morning.

Of course, you've probably heard of hot lemon and honey before. Or a hot toddy (add a measure of whisky to the above). But making it yourself with a fresh lemon is definitely better than any lemsip. You could also use orange, lime or any other citrus fruit, but lemons taste really good, plus they have loads of vitamin C and zinc (the zinc is really important) - even more than oranges.

Love and sneezes

P.S. If you slice a wee bit the bottoms off those empty lemon halves, you can use them as tea light holders (pop them on a plate) and everything will smell lovely when they warm up :)

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