Thursday, 12 July 2012

That's Neat, That's Neat, That's Neat, That's Neat...

You guys know how I love to do my nails! Well I was in Superdrug the other day picking up a new eyeliner, and saw this wee black Dot & Flick Nail Art polish, from Andrea Fulerton. I was never sold with nail art pens, but this little squeezy bottle looked a good bet, and it was only £2.99! It has a long thin brush for painting lines and flicks and swoopy things, and then a dotting tool under the cap for doing spots and flowers and leopard print.

I also got my paws on some yellow sparkly polish from Missguided, which is free with this month's Cosmo. I love it in yellow and I'm tempted to buy the magazine again just to get the orange one too!

I decided to have a go at doing some tiger nails, spotted on instagram from Gem Fatale, and I followed the tutorial up on

They were easier than I thought they might be actually! I used a basecoat of clear polish, then two coats of yellow. One coat wasn't quite opaque enough, but two was great. I'd probably have gone for three if I'd had time, but I only had like half an hour before I had to go out! After that I just used the brush on my Dot & Flick to draw two diagonal lines, then filled in the gap. If you're having a go at this one, be careful to make sure you wipe the brush really properly, to make sure you get pointy triangles! I was a bit worried about painting my right hand - drawing with my left hand is not my strong point - but the design is so straight forward that I had no real problems. The only difficulty was with the top coat - the black was a little prone to smudging because it wasn't fully dry yet. However, by painting horizontally, and using a good blob of polish on each nail, I just about managed to get away with it.

So I'm sure these won't be the neatest tiger nails you see this summer, I hope you like them, and I definitely think you should give them a try :) I got loads of compliments on them, and they're fun for pretending to be fierce and growly...

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