Saturday, 10 December 2011

I'm sorry

My poor dear reader,
I claimed to leave you with a whole bunch of queued up posts and yet those posts didn't post, they vanished instead. I will be writing them again soon. I promise!
I always wonder why it is that I struggle so much to blog. I like taking pictures and I like writing, so how difficult can it be, right?

Well a good workman never blames his tools, but I never claimed to be one of those... My camera's screen is broken so I can't see the pictures I'm taking - which means I'm not really taking any right now, certainly not arty ones of things to put on my blog.

I always feel like I don't have enough time, but really that's not true. I've started a new job, which is only part time at the moment, but it means I have a couple week day mornings free, and the weekend actually feels like the weekend. Having days where I go in to work makes me grateful for days I don't have to get up early and makes me feel like I deserve the time to do something creative.

So I am gosh-darn-well going to do something creative! It's getting really close to Christmas time and there's lots of creative things I could actually be doing! I've already done some baking and it was very well receive so I may do some more during daylight hours and then actually take some step-by-steps. I have lists of edible gift recipes that may come in to play, and lots of pretty wrapping ideas and things.

I've also started getting into some beauty treats, now that I have some actual money from my actual job, and I'm going through a nail art craze, so hopefully one or two of that myriad of extra curriculars will actually make it as far as this blog!

My current plan is to have two posts a week - Saturdays and Wednesdays if all goes well, and when I get those Malawi posts finished they'll go up every Monday for your enjoyment.

Sound good? Well you'll have to hold me to it!

Love and hugs

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