Thursday, 23 August 2012

Urushu Ballerina Flats

I'm sure you guys have heard of Groupon before. Everyone has really. I do like to occasionally browse what they have on offer and a few weeks I spotted a voucher from Urushu - an online specialist in women's shoes.
They were offering a voucher that cost £10, for a pair of their Ballerina flats, which usually retail for £30. There was also the p&p charge of £4.99 which is pretty reasonable.

My shoes arrived a little earlier than expected and I adore them! I'm still breaking them in a little but they're great with tights already and I imagine they will soon fit well enough to wear sockless too. Maybe it's because my feet are weird shaped or maybe I have very delicate skin, but I always find it takes a few wearings before any shoe is totally comfortable, and so I very happy with these.

I picked blue shoes, as a pleasant variation on the traditional black. I was sort of replacing a very old tatty pair but I still can't bring myself to chuck the old ones just yet - I'll just have to buy even more shoes... what a shame. The blue colour is quite muted and goes well enough with just about everything, particularly well with other blues and greys.

Have you ever had a pair of Urushu shoes? What kind of deals do you like to find online?

Love and hugs

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