Thursday, 23 August 2012

Weekly Nail #4 - Lavender Frost

This week I haven't done any nail art, but I did paint literally the neatest nails I have ever painted. Part of that was just bothering to be careful to leave a gap at the edge of my nail, thereby avoiding pooling (this is what happens when polish touches the skin and breaks the surface tension). The other part was that I saw this tutorial for cleaning up your nail painting efforts, and realised it was genius, and that my life is now a little closer to being fulfilled. Woo! I got myself some small make up brushes (you only need one but I figured it was better value to get 6 small ones which would last years, rather than one bigger one for the same price which would have to be replaced in the end) from Boots, and I used my usual polish remover rather than pure acetone, which worked perfectly.

The polish is the purple side of H&M's nail duo in lilac frosting. Unfortunately you can't buy their polish duos anymore, which is a shame, as I really like the shape of them in my hand whilst I'm painting.

I'm starting to get into this new-fangled pinterest thingumy - at the moment I'm loving looking for inspiration for my nails, as well as loads of craft projects for the house. I'm also enjoying the inspiration for greetings cards, as I have a super exciting secret project in the offing. Do not fret dear reader, all shall be revealed in the next couple of weeks :D In the mean time, please have a browse of my pinterest boards and follow me if you like :)

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Satin and Souffles said...

Love the name! Will have to try that xx